If you would like to register a group (5 or more), please contact: iswa2020@congressbydesign.com

Please note that we can only provide you with an invitation letter for the ISWA2020 World Congress  after we received your registration and payment. After you have made the payment, please contact the ISWA2020 congress secretariat at:  iswa2020@congressbydesign.com

For the ISWA2020 Congress, there are special fees for ISWA and NVRD (Koninklijke Vereniging voor Afval- en Reinigingsmanagement) members.
During registration as a member for one of these 2 associations your membership number will be asked and checked.

The ISWA2020 World Congress is offering a reduced registration fee to residents of Low Income countries. Countries classified as Low Income for this purpose are those whose economies are listed by the World Bank as Low Income (LIE) in the World Bank List of economies.
Delegates must be residing, working and be employed in a Low Income country to qualify for the reduced rate. We will also gladly accept registrations at full rates from residents of these countries who have sufficient resources.
All other countries can register for the High Income registration fee.

During the registration students need to upload their student card which needs to be valid till the end of the ISWA2020 Congress.
The file can be uploaded in Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG (max. 5 Mb). The ISWA2020 Congress Secretariat will check your student card.
For Students there is also a possibility to register for one day attendance, if you register only for one day, the mentioned items included in the Student fee, are only applicable for the choosen day of attendance to ISWA2020. dent and Young Professional Registration

To register as a young professional there is an age limit of 30. During registration your date of birth will be asked.

For the ISWA2020 there is a special fee for presenters from accepted abstracts (only one presenter per abstract).
Registration for presenters will open as soon as the abstract procedure is finished and all presenters have been notified.

If you wish to know how ISWA processes your personal data please read the Privacy Policy of ISWA.
The ISWA2020 Privacy Statement can be found here: ISWA2020 Privacy Statement

Notification of cancellation of registration must be sent in writing to the ISWA2020 Congress Secretariat at ISWA2020@congressbydesign.com

  • For cancellations received up to and including 28 July 2020, a cancellation fee of 25% will be charged.

For cancellations received after 28 July 2020, no refund will be given, full amount required.

  • Name changes are not accepted, unless the participant is from the same company. A handling fee of EUR 40 per registration will be charged for every modification received after 28 July 2020.

We accept payments by credit card (VISA, Master card), bank transfer and iDEAL (Dutch participants). We cannot accept payment by cheque and debit card. Any additional fees (e.g. bank charges) are at own expense. Payment of the applicable registration fee must have been made within 14 days after registration or at least before the start of the ISWA2020 World Congress to secure your participation.

If your name contains special characters this may cause an error during the payment procedure. In that case, please change your name in your contact details by removing any special characters, so that you will be able to arrange the payment. If you send an e-mail with your correct name to the ISWA2020 Congress secretariat, iswa2020@congressbydesign.com , we will change your name back in our system, so that your name will be presented correctly on your name badge.

Example special characters include: á, ä, â, ç ,ê, é, ë, î, ï, ñ, ö, õ, ô, ü.